DGE Group

Sustainable Environmental Consulting in Scandinavia and the Baltics

DGE Group is a consultancy for environmental sustainability founded 1985 in Denmark.

Our portfolio of services has been developed based on customer and environmental needs. Today, it covers everything from strategic, comprehensive environmental work to more concrete investigations and ecological questions – A complete, independent environmental partner.

DGE Group employs about 150 dedicated people representing special areas such as engineers, geologists, chemists, environmental and laboratory technicians, constructional engineers and economists. With their specialist knowledge and broad experience, our consultants help our clients become more competitive with responsible business and make the world a cleaner and safer place.

Our values

Our core values outline the foundation for how we work in order to achieve our vision and mission and define how we operate in all our dealings.

  • Competence
    We base our consulting services on competence. Based on competence we make a positive difference for our customers and the environment.
  • Responsibility
    The environment is our core business and our responsibility. We create sustainable solutions by taking responsibility – also for future generations.
  • Close relationships
    We have sustainable and close relationships. At DGE professionalism is personal. Together we are stronger!


Partner in the global cooperation

With offices located on every continent, more than 4,330 staff worldwide, and projects completed in more than 120 countries, Inogen Environmental Alliance provides for a geographic reach unparalleled in the industry.

Inogen is a global corporation providing multinational organizations with consistent, high quality and cost effective environmental, health and safety solutions. We assist our multinational clients by resolving liabilities from the past, addressing today’s requirements and delivering solutions for the future.


Jens Peter Nielsen at +45 2030 1236 or jpn@dge.dk
Søren Andreasen at +45 4045 1637 or san@dge.dk
Thomas Rivad at +45 6155 3885 or tri@dge.dk

Web: www.dge-group.com