FORTA MEDICAL uses modular construction technique that allows us to build ecologically clean and sustainable buildings, while saving energy and time.  FORTA MEDICAL manufactures high standard modular units suitable for the construction of hospitals, clinics, residential houses, hotels and many other applications.

FORTA MEDICAL features advanced off-site building methods offering healthcare facilities a fast–track modular and construction solution with minimal disruption to the surrounding facilities operation.

Strict quality control and inspection implemented in our modern factory and supported by FORTA MEDICAL multi–disciplinary professional team, provide a guaranteed comprehensive quality solution. We can plan, design and build from scratch or expand existing facilities.

During more than 20 years, our experts are leading the realization of hospitals in Israel, Latvia, West Africa, Russia and India.

Main benefits of modular constructions are:

  • High-Level of Quality Assurance (QA) at the factory;
  • No interference to the surroundings, enabling on-going work at the hospital and expansion of existing buildings;
  • Shorter construction time (up to 70% vs conventional construction);
  • Environmental friendly – lower construction waste and noise levels, use of Green materials;
  • Removing approximately 80% of the building construction activity from the site location
  • Less sensitive to weather conditions during construction
  • Overall cost savings due to the earlier project completion and lower construction risks
  • Factory quality management


Forta Medical offers several types of operating rooms including General Surgery and Ultra Clean Surgery.  Each of these is presented in a comprehensive autonomous solution of Induction room, Scrubbing room, Operating Theatre and Technical zone.

The prefabricated solution dimensions, layouts and architectural design can be easily customized to address the clients’ specific needs.  The prefabricated modules can easily be installed in existing hospital with minimal interference to the daily routines.  The solution can be permanent or on a temporary base, for example when renovation process is performed at the existing OT.

Fast onsite installation                           Flexible configuration

Temporary or fixed                                 Expansion of existing building

Buy or lease                                              Medical grade interior

We welcome you to our factory and showroom where you could get an impression of the product quality and learn more about our unique offering.

Contact: Natalija Smirnova

Sales Director Baltic and Scandinavia

Mobile: +371-2238-0415