The EU tender for the construction of a new General Hospital at Bispebjerg, Copenhagen, has just been published. By the end of 2019 it will be decided, who will win the 200 Million Euro Design and Build Contract.

The hospital of the future is one step closer to its realization. An EU tender for a new 77,500 square meter acute care facility has just been published, and construction will begin within a year.

“We are very happy to submit a tender for an elaborate Design and Build Contract to the international market. We have already had a series of meetings with potential bidders, and we sense an overall interest in the project. We look forward to building the hospital of the future with a competent contractor,” states Project Director, Lene Stevnhoved from New Hospital Bispebjerg.

The Design and Build Contract will be awarded in a negotiated procedure, which enables the client to enter a dialogue with the bidders. This should give the bidding parties a better understanding of the task at hand – thus minimizing risks in the project.

“Healthcare construction is a challenging discipline, and we have high expectations in terms of quality and competencies, when choosing our collaboration partners,” Lene Stevnhoved says.

Focus on optimizing site conditions

The existing Bispebjerg Hospital is placed in a densely populated urban area, and the hospital must be able to operate at full capacity during the construction period.

”We have a great focus on securing hospital operations and logistics. For instance, it is crucial that building site traffic does not interfere with the accessibility of ambulances. A future contractor is expected to collaborate with us to construct a new hospital in a way that respects the everyday life of our patients and staff,” says Project Director Lene Stevnhoved.

A project of this magnitude and complexity needs careful risk management to stay on time and budget. To minimize risks New Hospital Bispebjerg has worked intensely at optimizing the work conditions on the site. For instance, excavation works have already been performed onsite. A common facility service function has been established to coordinate all traffic surrounding the construction site. And the client organization is already preparing a detailed plan for the decommissioning of a building containing operating theatres, x-ray and other vital functions, which is to be replaced by the new hospital.

The main entrance to the future Bispebjerg Hospital will be green and inviting. Illustration: KHR Architecture, EYP Health, Arup

The new General Hospital is expected to open its doors to patients in 2023.

For more information on the Design and Build Contract, please follow the link to the website

Facts about New Hospital Bispebjerg

  • The new General Hospital at Bispebjerg is tendered as a Design and Build Contract in a negotiated procedure.
  • Size: 77,500 square meters. Contract worth: About 1.5 billion Danish Kroner (200 Million Euro).
  • Four bidders will be prequalified in the spring of 2019, and the contract will be rewarded following a negotiated procedure by the end of 2019.
  • The construction will begin soon after the contract is awarded, and the new hospital is expected to open its doors to patients in 2023.
  • The new General Hospital is designed by KHR Architecture, EYP Health and Arup.
  • New Hospital Bispebjerg is being built by The Capital Region of Denmark, Centre for Property and financed by The Danish State’s Quality Fund with a total budget of 3.43 billion Danish Kroner.
  • Over the coming years, The Capital Region of Denmark is investing 20 billion Danish Kroner in various hospital builds, 9 billion of which comes from the Danish State’s Quality Fund. The projects will create new and contemporary facilities for the best patient-centered treatment.