€600m competition for New North Zealand Hospital to begin soon

The tender for the new acute care hospital in North Zealand, with a €600m budget, will soon commence. The first phase of the tender is the prequalification of the main contractor. To minimise errors and risks, the project management will hire one main contractor.

In addition to price, the company selected as the main contractor will be the one with the most experienced organisation and that has a solid financial foundation, but also the ability to handle a large hospital construction project and successfully bring it to completion. The contractor must use modern technologies for the duration of the project and be able to manage the complexity of the project, in addition to handling the risks that major construction companies often encounter along the way, emphasises project director Henrik Schødts.

New North Zealand Hospital has chosen a procurement model that ensures early involvement of the contractors and good opportunities for continuously adapting the project according to the level of progress.

The actual procurement model in the general contract involves two simultaneous phases in which the building site and foundation commence while the project design is being completed and subcontractors chosen.

The establishment of the construction site and surrounding infrastructure has begun and construction of the hospital building is expected to start in the first half of 2019.

The future new hospital will have around 118,000 m2 and 570 single-bed rooms. The blueprints for the project indicate that, despite its unconventional features, the vast majority of the construction can be standardised.

Construction conditions for New North Zealand Hospital:

  • EU procurement process is divided into phases
  • Early involvement of the main contractor
  • Construction initiated while detailed planning is under way
  • Open, transparent collaboration between the developer, engineer and main contractor
  • Award criteria based on price, collaboration, organisation, method and optimisation
  • Extensive use of digital tools
  • Value creation by and for all parties


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