Invitation to tender for University Hospital in Køge

Region Zealand – has just sent 110,000 m2 of bedwards, operating rooms, outpatient departments, an emergency department and shared facilities out to tender for the University Hospital in Køge. The hospital building comprises no less than 789 single rooms, 158 consultation rooms and 41 operating rooms. At an estimated total cost of about €540m, construction will be complete by 2023 and has been put to tender as a turnkey contract includes demolition of some 17,000 m² of existing buildings and construction of a helipad and execution of civil works– also with the aim to attracting foreign contractors.

As part of an overall plan to modernise the Danish health system, 16 large construction projects will be implemented in the form of new super hospitals and the expansion or renovation of existing hospitals. From among the six biggest projects, three are in Jutland, one on the island of Funen and two in Zealand. The most recent project sent to tender is the future hospital in Køge, as a turnkey contract. This comprehensive project will cost over €540m. During the project phase, Region Zealand has accumulated knowledge and ideas from virtually all over the world in order to build world-class hospitals and to attract foreign contractors.

The new hospital will be a mixture of new construction and renovation projects involving Køge Hospital. When complete in 2023, the area will have grown by a factor of three to a total of 185,000m2. The current tender covers a key part of construction at Zealand University Hospital and includes 789 single rooms, 158 consultation rooms and 41 operating rooms.

The most hospital for the money

Construction has been put to tender as a turnkey contract and is drawing attention both in Denmark and abroad, says the director of the project, Helle Gaub:

“We’re looking for partners who can provide the best, most innovative solutions for how to get the most hospital for the money. We’ve conducted a structured dialogue with the market to ensure attention and interest from contractors. Our primary goal is to find a team that, in collaboration with the project, can help Region Zealand succeed in obtaining the necessary features in the buildings within the financial framework.”

She also adds that from among the contractors applying, Region Zealand will select three or four to participate in a dialogue phase until year-end.

At the end of February 2018 bidders will submit a tender with the price, schedule and an account of the collaboration for completing the project, including a description of its architectural expression. Based on this, one of them will be chosen to complete and construct the buildings within the budget of approximately €270m. The total cost of hospital construction will be €540m in 2009 prices.

Online list of suppliers

Gaub also mentions that even though the tender is initially aimed mainly at consortia that have both sufficient volume and experience with hospital buildings, there will still be plenty of opportunities for both Danish and foreign companies to play a role.

“We have established an online list of suppliers where both large and medium-sized companies can sign up if they have the suitable experience or products. Many companies offer new technological solutions but may not have the size to dare to undertake the task,” concludes Glaub.


  • 185,000 m2 expansion for University Hospital in Køge, three times the size of the existing hospital
  • 110,000 m2 of beds and treatment space in the current tender to be built in four stages spread across bed wards, an emergency departments, intensive care units, ambulance facilities, image diagnostics and treatments such as radiation therapy and operations
  • 789 single rooms comprising 719 ordinary beds and 70 acute, with an additional 38 beds for intensive care
  • 158 consultation rooms
  • 41 operating rooms

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Construction Conference 2017

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