New €80m neurorehabilitation centre in Glostrup

With the opening of Copenhagen University Hospital’s new neurorehabilitation centre in Glostrup, patients with brain damage can expect a greatly improved chance to return to an active life after a stroke or accident. To be located in eastern Denmark at a cost of €80m, the new centre will provide the framework for the best care, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with brain damage or spinal cord injuries. Currently in the design phase, the project is expected to invite open tenders by 2018.

Suffering from stroke can lead to aphasia, paralysis and personality changes. The effects of brain damage and spinal cord injuries can often be alleviated significantly. Fast, effective and sustained rehabilitation immediately after injury is the best remedy to the challenges that patients with brain damage face. Fortunately, the results are incredibly good, which means that for patients in eastern Denmark, the odds are greatly improved for returning to an active life at work and at home.

Just thirty months from now, a new neurorehabilitation centre will be ready to offer its services in Glostrup as part of Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital.

“We’re currently in the process of getting final approval for construction of the main project. It’s a lot of work, partially because we’re in the midst of accumulating available knowledge in the area, which is something we haven’t done before. Our efforts have led to larger patient rooms as patients with paralysis or other musculoskeletal injuries require additional space for technical aids,” explains Project Director Morten Christiansson, emphasising that each patient room will have its own toilet and bath.

Christiansson says that the project is running on time and that the building, which will be presented in 2018, will be sent for an EU tender: “It’ll be an open tender and three or four major contractors will be invited to make a final bit for central tasks, such as shell and core construction, technical installations and the fit out of the new neurorehabilitation centre.”

With 125 single rooms spread out over 25,000 m2, the neurorehabilitation centre will have spacious patient rehabilitation facilities. There will also be outdoor training areas and various workshops to provide good opportunities for a varied daily life. The new centre will accommodate all aspects of life, from peace and quiet and privacy to talking and togetherness, of course combined with the best treatment and rehabilitation.

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