Danish rail network to go electric

BaneDanmark is a state-owned company that is responsible for most of the Danish rail network in terms of the construction of new lines, the maintenance of existing rails, and traffic control. In the next two to four years, two major programmes involving electrification and signalling will require an investment of at least €288m. And depending on future political decisions this figure might grow to a grand total of nearly €500m.

BaneDanmark is about to complete work on two of the largest construction projects in modern Danish history: two new rail lines connecting Copenhagen to the new Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link. The next step is electrification and testing before opening for service within the next couple of years.

The new rail system will deliver high-speed service, dramatically shortening travel times between towns in Southern Zealand. The €2.7bn project is part of a Danish-German venture to connect Denmark and Northern Germany via an almost 20-km-long immersed tunnel under the Fehmarnbelt. Total investment in the project equals €9-12bn.

BaneDanmark’s role in one of Europe’s largest construction projects does not, however, hinder it from proceeding on schedule with its two major development programmes involving electrification and signalling.

€500m investment just around the corner

At a dialogue meeting in late June, BaneDanmark project director Jens Ole Kaslund unveiled the major construction and maintenance projects that BaneDanmark expects to be delivered within the next three to four years.

Project managers, engineering firms and construction companies participated in the meeting, where BaneDanmark emphasised that they expect to receive highly competitive tenders when the specific tasks are announced.

BaneDanmark’s assistant director of procurement, Nina Uldal, stressed that they are looking for partners who will deliver high quality work on time, adding: “We’re also looking for companies that are able and willing to participate in an open and constructive dialogue throughout the project. We would like to ensure that we have the best people on the tasks as possible.” Moreover, she stressed that the tasks will be executed near railway tracks with trains passing close by. As a result, all BaneDanmark staff are certified in railway safety, which is why companies tendering for projects must ensure that their staff also have a railway safety certificate. She mentioned that BaneDanmark’s website contains more information in this regard and that a meeting on the matter will take place in September 2017.

 Tender and qualification requirements

Contractors and suppliers interested in submitting a tender must adhere to BaneDanmark’s requirements, which involve:

  • Ensuring maximum competition by attracting Danish and international suppliers
  • Using negotiations and incentives, where appropriate
  • Using Design-Build, where appropriate and when the project provides a genuine freedom of choice for contractors
  • Gaining from economies of scale

Uldal stated that restricted and negotiated tendering would come into play and that the following two award criteria for publically funded projects would be applied:

  • The lowest price or
  • The best price-quality ratio

BaneDanmark developed an on-line tender qualification system that lists tasks and projects for suppliers and construction companies.

Current projects

At the dialogue meeting in June, Kaslund presented various projects, most of them involving maintenance and that cost €25 to 80m. He also underlined that projects at an estimated cost of up to €160m still needed political approval.

The table below lists nine projects that BaneDanmark wishes to complete in the next three to four years.


Project Timeframe Estimated cost millions of
Track renewal
Valby àFrederikssund
Tender: 2017

Construction: 2018

Track renewal
Roskilde àKalundborg
Construction starts ultimo 2018 33.5
Track renewal
Roskilde àHøje Taastrup
2019 > 33.5
Track renewal RingstedàKorsør 2019 80.5
Renewal of catenary system DC rail system Copenhagen 2019 13.5
New station
Favrholm, Hillerød
2019 18.8
Track renewal – Copenhagen Central Station à Høje Taastrup 2020 > 20
Track renewal
Langå à Hobro
2018 27
Track renewal

Hobro à Lindholm

2020 27

Additional projects amounting to around €160m still need political approval and involve preparations for electrification of the Frederica

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