New psychiatric hospital ready for prequalification

15 trade tenders for the new psychiatric hospital in Roskilde have now been made public. Companies wishing to prequalify for tendering must do so before 28 July 2017. The building site will be established in March 2018, with project delivery in early 2021.

Forensic psychiatry takes a major step forward in defining treatment and providing modern facilities when the new Sct. Hans Psychiatric Hospital is ready to receive its first patients in spring 2021. The new hospital, which will have 126 single patient rooms, will also be equipped with an arrival centre, modern staff facilities and a fitness centre. The total cost of construction is expected to be approximately €85-90m.

The Capital Region of Denmark is the construction client. Managed by a council of 41 elected politicians, its main tasks are health services, public transportation, environmental protection and providing secondary school options for young people.

The invitation for tenders for the new psychiatric hospital in Roskilde has just been released, with the initial phase comprising 15 construction tenders. The Danish consulting and engineering company MOE A/S is responsible for the project design and will coordinate between the various contractors during the construction phase.

Mickey Lund, the CEO of Building Network, points out that, “The construction client would like to encourage specialised companies to seek prequalification. This project represents an exciting opportunity for European subcontractors and suppliers of inventory and security systems.” Lund also emphasises that the public tender specialist in Building Network’s bid-from-home service has a proven track record in improving the prequalification and success rates of foreign companies.

Companies interested in taking part in the construction of the new psychiatric hospital in Roskilde should apply for prequalification before 28 July 2017. Tenders should be submitted no later than 27 September 2017.

The final contracts will be awarded in January 2018 and the construction site established in spring 2018.

15 trade tenders – with more on the way
(approximate amounts excluding VAT)

  • Establishment and running  of building site (€2.7m)
  • Gardener – landscaping    work (€2.4m)
  • Shell and core (€12.4m)
  • Bricklaying (€2.6m)
  • Fit-out (€5.1m)
  • Painting (€1.5m)
  • Facade (€5.1m)
  • Floors (€1.5m)
  • Plumbing and heating (€3.9 m)
  • Ventilation ( €3 m)
  • Installation (€4.0 m)
  • Building automation
  • Security (€2m)
  • Inventory (€0.75m)
  • Special inventory

Supplemental negotiated tendering will also be needed for personal security equipment and is expected to be published this summer, as are two tenders for furnishings and other equipment.

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