The Danish state’s facility management tasks are open for tender

As of 1 October 2019, one external supplier will be responsible for delivering all facility management services and tasks (e.g. cleaning, catering, maintenance, waste management and security across institutions) to 18 government institutions in the future. The seven-year contract covers tasks with a total annual volume of approx. €40m.

Previously, each individual government institution was responsible for organising and purchasing facility management services, but henceforth services will be put up for tender in larger packages and coordinated by the Danish Building and Property Agency.

The state’s new approach to facility management will be carried out in stages. After the first stage, which is already in the tendering process, an assessment of the competitive situation will take place in spring 2019. Based on this evaluation, the Danish Building and Property Agency will determine if it is necessary to make any adjustments in the two subsequent stages.

According to the schedule, the second and third stages will begin in 2021 and 2023. Today, the three stages have a total volume of about €1.5bn annually.

A press release from the Danish Building and Property Agency explains that one reason why the state’s facility management is being consolidated into the hands of one supplier is to achieve savings and greater professionalisation.

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The deadline for current tender applications is 19 September 2018.