BESTSELLER reaches for the sky with 320-metre tower in central Jutland

Future eye-catching landmark in central Jutland, Denmark (photo:

Authorities highly likely to approve ambitious plans to build huge complex with skyscraper

Ikast-Brande Municipality’s technical and environmental committee has approved impressive plans submitted by international fashion company BESTSELLER to build bold new headquarters in the central Jutland town where the company was founded.

The next phase involves applying for approval by the finance committee on March 5 and then the local authorities on March 11 – a process that is purportedly only a formality.

Almost 100 stories tall              

The most striking feature of the 60,000 m2 facility will be a 320-metre skyscraper, making it Western Europe’s tallest.

BESTSELLER is truly a worldwide company that currently employs 15,000 people globally. Founded in 1975 in the small Danish town of Brande, the company has not forgotten its roots in the Danish peninsula of Jutland and remains a wholly family-owned company. CEO Anders Holch Povlsen, for instance, is the son of the founder.

Building design 

Architecture studio Dorte Mandrup and Ramboll consultancy are two renowned Danish firms that will be involved in building the Danish company’s new headquarters, which will be called BESTSELLER Village and Tower. The company’s billionaire CEO will completely fund the project.

Branding Brande   

BESTSELLER Project Manager Anders Krogh Vogdrup insists that the company feels like a “natural part of the local community” and is certain that new premises will “be able to create value for both our colleagues and the people of Brande”.

The community is expected to benefit greatly as a result of BESTSELLER’s remarkable plan to build a high rise in the Danish landscape, where towering structures are generally an unfamiliar sight. In addition to new opportunities for enormous social and commercial investment in Brande, the area will also experience an influx of new jobs.

New development covers area the size of 88 football fields

When completed the BESTSELLER Village and Tower, with retail stores, offices, a conference centre, flats, a hotel and cafés and restaurants, will function more like a small city than an office complex. Other facilities include playgrounds, bicycle lanes and a petrol station.

The CEO of Building Network, Mickey Lund, is thrilled with the approval expected to arrive in just a few weeks and believes that the high-rise construction project represents an outstanding opportunity to attract new international contractors to the Danish market and will serve as a gateway to the rest of Scandinavia.

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